Getting Digitals

Maybe you’ve never heard of “digitals” before or you’ve heard the term but like me until I really got into the model development scene just nodded your head like you knew what’s going on but deep down in side were like “eh?”. Digitals are extremely important in the modeling world. They are the foundation of you modeling career so it’s important to understand them and make sure you get a good set and keep them updated regularly.

What are “digitals”?

Simply stated, digitals are images that accurately and clearly portray a model in her natural state. These are photos that show a models figure, skin, hair, and eyes, without editing, elaborate wardrobe or big production sets. It’s just a clear shot of the model. They are shot in natural light, wearing simple clothing or swimwear, with little to no makeup, in front of a basic background.

Why are digitals so important?

Digitals are how clients actually informed of a models look. A portfolio can show what a model is capable, but agencies and clients need to know what a model actually looks like in his or her own skin. Good digitals are critical because these (not your portfolio) is what clients and agents really want to see. These are step #1 so make sure you do it right!

What to wear?

For digitals, wardrobe should be very simple, and give a client or agent a sense of what a model looks like. Simple shorts and tank or swim would be great. The point is to really communicate what your figure is, what your hair, skin and eyes look like.


Poses should be as “not posing” as possible. That can be difficult for a newer model, but the goal is to appear as natural as possible. Simple, natural poses are the key.

When should I get them?

If you’re modeling, you need to have a set of good ditigals that reflect exactly what you look like at that given time. If your figure has changed, or you change your hair or get a tattoo (which is never a good idea in modeling), you MUST update your digitals. Clients and agents will look on outdated digitals in a negative light and it can be construed as misleading if you do not have recent digitals.

What do I do with digitals?

When someone is looking to cast a model or an agency is interested in you, they want to see your digitals first, then your portfolio. You should have a compcard with digitals ready at all times, with your measurement and agency information if you are signed, or your contact information if not. A comp card, is a one sheet summary of all the information a client needs to know about you before looking into your portfolio.

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