Shoot: Ambient Color

I recently ran across the work of the beautiful model Nayellie Romero (@nayellie.romero) and the inspiring creative photography of Megan Milton (@2percentjew). Megan was kind enough to guide me through her process of color focused photography style utilizing unique ambient lighting conditions. It was a cold, but creative night with some talented artists!

Nayellie has a stunning look and has worked with many of the most creative photographers in Billings, MT including Gary Luce (@gary.luce), Eileen (@bobdapirate), Alma Nicholson ( and Heather Myers (@heather.neubaur.7). These photographer stand out to me because they experiment with models and lighting in unique contexts – something that if I’m honest about, I find lacking in my photography.

On this shoot I was able to follow the lead of Megan as we found some of her favorite spots to shoot Nayellie with film and digital cameras. Megan was armed with a Pentax K-1000 and a roll of 400iso color film. I was shooting with my Mamiya 645 1000s and Tri-X 400 as well as Ektar 100 – admittedly, not the most obvious choices for nigh time photography.

These images were taken with a DSLR – Canon 5DMii. The film from the night will be processed soon and I’ll be excited to update this post with the results!

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