Shoot: Warrior Woman

I was visiting my sister in Colorado. I didn’t have any shoots planned so left most of my gear at home and took my sisters old 5DMii. It’s outdated but it’s special to me so it’s usually the camera I take on family trips. Armed with only this sentimental camera I was invited to collaborate with some friends of my sister. My sisters’ friend Teya is a talented videographer, photographer and all around awesome human being. You can check out here work on Instagram @anateyarosemedia  (Anateya Rose Media). Our models are Elizabeth Woods Darby (@barefootinthefog) someone I’ve been wanting to work with for a while and Heidi Noth (@heidi.noth) a talented and aspiring model.

I didn’t have much gear but I happened to have body paint in my bag from a shoot I had wanted to pull off a while ago but was too complicated to pull off. It was a “warrior woman” concept that involved horses and body paint and I was just never able to piece together. On this particular day, though, everything came together. Both models were skilled horse riders and our photographer had a ranch with river access an horses readily available. So in about 3 hours we pulled of this fabulous shoot.

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