Shoot: Cowgirls & Jewelry

My whole life has been sand, sun and beach. The feeling of laying in sand as the sun beats down on me is engrained in me. The move to Montana has been quite extreme. I’m new to snow, and wind and mountains.

When you’re new to a place you see the little things that eventually everyone takes for granted, but on a more blatant level you also have to cope with the big things – cows, big trucks, open spaces and weather come to mind.

I don’t tend to have a very high minded perspective on what I do. As a portrait and fashion photographer my job is to capture things in their obviousness and at their best. I don’t set out to critique life or draw out some deep insight. I simply share what I think is beautiful about people and their lives and forms.

A potential gig with Montana Silversmiths forced me to really have fun with my new world. Granted it’s not a dramatic study of some subculture in the Montana plains, but it’s so new to me. I sacrificed everything I’ve ever loved about home for this so I better appreciate it’s obvious beauty as it is my new canvas upon which I will now do my thing. Goodbye beach portraits… hellos cowgirls and jewelry.

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